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by admin on October 22, 2012

Mark C. Hoeting

Mark Hoeting is a seasoned veteran consultant in the field information technology solutions. His implementation experience and well-rounded background across industries enabled him to provide high quality client services. Mark has consulted on a wide variety of initiatives in the fields of business intelligence and analytics. Mark specializes in working with clients to define and capture of often large data feeds from different enterprise applications, connecting, and presenting the results to corporate decision-makers. The consumable information has taken the form of data warehouse BI product, as well as statistical modeling databases.

Mark’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Analysis from Miami University in Oxford, OH. The curriculum of this degree centered on an information technology skill set, but also involved significant training in mathematics, statistics, operations research, and business communications.

Upon receiving his degree from Miami in 1984, Mark worked for three years at The Mound Department of Energy facility in Miamisburg, OH, run by Monsanto Research Corporation. At The Mound Plant, Mark developed and enhanced a manufacturing quality testing and tracking solution. Following this assignment, Mark continued his career at Convergys Corporation, a telecommunications services provider, based out of Cincinnati, OH. In his 10 year career at Convergys, Mark worked in a diverse set of IT-related roles, including applications developer, product manager and project manager. Responsibilities in these roles involved frequent interaction with Convergys client base which included many of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Applications for these clients, including national-scale customer care and billing services, pushed the limits of the day’s technology and involved creative problem solving and development of industrial-strength solutions.

Following Convergys, Mark continued his career in the consulting field that included numerous partnerships with regional companies and clients. During this time Mark architected, developed, and planned enterprise, Business Intelligence, and executive solutions crossing many different industries. Included in this experience portfolio: Financial services, banking, credit cards, retail leasing, insurance, manufacturing, retail distribution, and retail marketing.

Mark has a proven track record in business solutions while continuing skills development in new technology tools. The area of business analytics has seen new possibilities open up with the availability of new “Big Data” tools such as Hadoop and NoSql database engines, which can process previously unmanageable volumes of corporate data. Mark has achieved Hadoop administrator certification and continues to build on this knowledge as business discovers new ways to understand their business through the field of business analytics.


Franz A. Dill


Franz Dill’s academic background is in astrophysics and mathematics, with degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Florida.  He worked developing tank battle simulations in the 1970s for the office of the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon, where he won a Defense Department scholarship for information Technology.  For thirty years he worked for the Procter & Gamble Company.  At P&G he reported to the CIO as part of an information technology research organization which scouted and vetted emergent technology use.   He worked directly with the CEO developing their first executive information systems.  He led the company in the application of modeling to enterprise supply chains.   He managed work with many academic and vendor partners.

He acted as a chief scientist for analytics and as a consulting emergent technologist.  As part of the artificial intelligence team Franz delivered a number of high value applications in manufacturing, R&D and marketing.  One of these applications was the first use of AI to interact directly with the package goods consumer and is still in use today.  Another of his AI knowledge applications was in use for twenty years, saving the company hundreds of millions of dollars.  He brought in the first application of agent-based simulation models for marketing.

He founded P&G’s groundbreaking contextual innovation centers, now with over  twenty  global locations,  working with nearly every major retailer worldwide and dozens of technology and systems vendors. There he managed and developed advanced retail technologies for merchandising.  He pioneered the use and experimentation and measurement of mobile platforms in all three moments of truth.   Including experimentation with point of sale and in-store marketing solutions.  He founded and managed P&G’s  analytics Center of Excellence.

Franz established the company’s Web 2.0 capabilities, writing the most widely read blog in the company. He designed and helped implement Procter’s early work in knowledge management .  He brought in the first interactive visualization systems to deal with the opportunity of Big Data.  He was a member of Procter’s Cognitive Council, addressing non-conscious reactions to marketing and merchandising messages.  Franz retired in March of 2008 and is now a consultant in marketing, retail innovation, HR, supply chain, knowledge management and other areas.  He has worked with a number of startups and advanced technology companies.

Franz Dill blogs technically at

Doug Lautzenheiser

With two decades of industry experience, Doug Lautzenheiser has provided Business Intelligence services to organizations such as MasterCard, Procter & Gamble, JPMorgan Chase, TDS Telecom, Omnicare, The Wendy’s Company, Siemens Energy, Hormel Foods, the State of Oklahoma, and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. With a broad knowledge of technologies, business processes, and industry best practices, Doug leads professional services organizations to creatively help companies make better decisions via BI software and data.

ComputerWorld honored one of Doug’s automated BI modernization projects for innovative use of technology after saving a Fortune 50 client millions of dollars and years of effort. Doug is degreed summa cum laude in Information Systems from the University of Cincinnati. He is a featured BI Blogger for Smart Data Collective and followed on numerous Twitter lists and blog rolls.

Doug’s BI Software blog:

Sean Valmont

Sean is responsible for sales and marketing of business solutions and predictive analytics. A highly competitive and articulate leader with 12 years of experience in generating top-line revenues, strategic planning, market-share growth, media and public relations management and associate development. Career highlights include executive experience in sales, marketing, public relations as well as building and leading best-in-class teams.

Primary Focus:
• Strategic Business Analytics
• Retail Customer Analytics
• Supply Chain Analytics
• Financial Services analytics
• Marketing Analytics
• Customer Segmentation
• Customer Retention and Churn
• Relationship Marketing Alliance Marketing
• Online Marketing
• Enterprise Customer Relationship Management
• Corporate “Brand” Development
• Loyalty Program Implementation

Sean’s 12 years of Information Technology experience is spread across various areas that include Networking, Application Development, Enterprise Project Management, Customer Relationship and Enterprise Account Management. He recently served as a Director of Managed Services for IBM WebSphere Product Suite. Sean has earned his BS in Information Engineering Technology and Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati. He is also a Microsoft Certified Software Engineer. Sean is also extremely passionate about giving back to the academic community. He is working with universities to offer free training to students on Business Analytics by giving students the opportunity to actively work and learn from professionals in the field.